Ristorante Langhe - Eremo della Gasprina


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We give great importance to quality in all its dimensions. First off, the spot chosen for our Italian tavern with rooms is immersed in nature, between vineyards and farms, far away from crowded streets and large urban centers, guaranteeing peace and quiet for all of our guests.

Quality is also the reigning rule in our kitchen, where to prepare our dishes we carefully search only for authentic ingredients purchased exclusively in the local markets, because we believe that "home-made" is a synonym for goodness and wholesomeness.

Even the wine cellar has to respect very strict parameters; all the wine, in fact, comes from small, local winemakers, with whom we share trusting and friendly relationships.

At Eremo della Gasprina, we don't care for frivolous things. You will find the essentials to rediscover that beauty and goodness mean honesty and simplicity.